The San Diego Wellness Source specializes in yoga, fitness training and massage therapy.

About Us


Christian Woelk

Yoga and Fitness Professional, Christian Woelk stresses complete development of the individual through fitness, yoga, healthy nutrition and other holistic mind – body techniques. This focus on the self naturally helps to create a better physical, mental, and spiritual balance. This can also aid in an overall increase in strength, flexibility and clarity, and aid in a decrease of weight and stress levels. This style of yoga and fitness training allow you to access new levels of awareness, balance your emotions and transform "stuck" energy into productive energy. Christian's style is gentle, yet challenging: safe, yet liberating: mindful, yet spontaneous. The hope is that your experience will be a rewarding one; one in which you are inspired and educated at the same time.

Creator and Director Christian Woelk is a nationally certified Rahini Yoga Instructor with the New York Wellness Institute and is also a registered Kundalini yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. He has studied directly with the creator of Rahini Yoga, Dr. Dean Telano ND, PhD, MS, CNC, RYT, as well as with Gururattan Kaur Khalsa PhD, a direct disciple of Yogi Bhajan for 26 years and author of the four original Kundalini Yoga Manuals…both teachers being shining lights and pioneers in their field of health, wellness, and happiness.

Christian is also a nationally certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the American Council on Exercise. Christian develops and coordinates corporate wellness programs and is currently working with the company Nuvasive, a spinal technology company in La Jolla. Christian is the creator and director of the Rahini Yoga Space in Hillcrest and is a resident yoga teacher and fitness trainer for the Loews Coronado Resort. He also maintains private clientele in the San Diego area. If you can breathe, he can help you.

Liza Sgro

Liza is a nationally certified Holistic Health practitioner who specializes in massage therapy and Reiki. She has been involved in all aspects of the spa industry since 1997. Liza is the co-owner and wellness program manager at San Diego Wellness Source.

Liza has had many roles in her experience in the spa/wellness industry. She has formulated and implemented successful spa and fitness programs for companies and boutique hotels throughout San Diego as well as hired and trained therapists in spa treatments, massage techniques, client/ therapist professionalism and time management.

One of Liza's goals is to put the power of students and clients back into their own hands. Everyone was born with the ability to be strongly connected to themselves and truly know what they need to live a healthy and satisfying life.

We all have the map to our own best selves within us. San Diego Wellness Source is here to assist people in finding and walking the path to their healthiest lifestyle…with small consistent steps. One choice at a time.

Liza lives a simple life in San Diego with her 5-year-old son Felix. They get good sleep, eat good food, get to the beach and share it all with people they love.