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Health Tips

October 16, 2008

Just "be" with life...

In life, we often are just trying to get where we need to go to get a job done, not necessarily enjoying the journey to the completion of the task.

Today, take one of your "to do's" and just do "it" only, without multitasking in between. If it's grocery shopping, or pumping gas or picking the kids up, just focus on the steps of doing the "to do" from beginning to end. The benefits of this excercise are many. It results in less stress in the cells of your body, less mistakes and accidents while carrying out the task and definitely not least on the list.....the enjoyment of even the simplest and most mundane of errands. It's a chance to just "be" with life.

Like John Lennon once said, "life is what happens when we're busy making other plans."

September 12, 2008

And to all a good night:

To get the most restful night's sleep you can prepare yourself by doing a few things:

  • Look at the day you have had, address anything that may be lingering and then let the day go. It has passed. Check your calendar for the following day so that you feel prepared and can rest soundly in bed knowing that you are ready for the new day that is to come.
  • Head to bed with a clean body and mind. Either shower or bathe before bed, to clear any stagnant energy that is left from the day. Put on fresh nightclothes that are light in color and plain of possible. Everything carries vibration, and so even busy patterned or colored clothing can contribute to a less restful sleep
  • Refrain from watching television, texting or using your computer at least 60 minutes prior to moving into sleep mode. This will quiet the mind and keep your electromagnetic field clear, contributing to a calm sleep
  • Have your sleeping area be quiet and clear of any electronics. Have your actual bed be free of any material aside from your clean bed linens. Change bed linens at least once a week. Wash them in hot water and mild detergent to remove any bacteria and microbes.
  • Once you are in bed, take a few deep, slow, complete breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel your belly rise and fall or just watch the breath as it passes in and out. This will relax the body even more and will guide you into sleep.

Sleep tight.

August 14, 2008

Discharge the Air

Unplug your electrical items when you're not using them. Even when plugs are just resting in an outlet, they are consuming electricity and creating a charge in the air.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a great way to get skin glowing and the lymph system moving that sluggish energy to the surface for removal. You will get nice and pink since the blood is being moved around for cleansing. Shower time becomes a spa experience with a dry brush. Using a rough towel, a dry brush mitt or a piece of silk as its done traditionally in India. Beginning with one half (toe to head) of the body, move up the front of your body working toward the top. Brush with the material and follow with your other bare hand. It should be brisk and a relatively light touch. Continue with the back of that same half. Repeat on the other side. The whole process should take a mere 2 to three minutes. Do just before you hop in. Your body may sting a little if your shower water is too hot, so keep it luke warm 'til you're in. After your shower you could continue further skin detoxification and healing by spreading just a few drop of lavender and or a little bit of pure oil over your body while your body is still damp.

July 10, 2008

Freshness in Fruits and Vegetables

To clean and maintain freshness in fruits and vegetables fill your clean sink full of cool water and add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. Heinz has a nice organic one. Add your just bought fruits and vegetables to the sink and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse clean and let dry in a strainer. Wrap lightly in a paper towel and store what you wont use in the crisper compartment in your fridge.

Bon Appetite

Before a meal it's nice to get into a field of appreciation. It brings on a sense of happiness and ease that will enhance healthy digestion and invoke a sense of reverence to a meal. Deeply breathe a few full breaths through your nose and into the lowest part of your abdomen. Gently exhale freely through the mouth. Do this a couple of times until you feel gratitude for the breath that is all life. Bon Appetite.

Rahini Yoga Master Class (1 hour)

May 20, 2008

10 –15 Minute Intro Lecture

  1. Definition of Rahini Yoga- Principles behind this style –breath centered and adapting the yoga to the individual, not the individual to the yoga. There is no perfect posture.
  2. Other Definitions and Thoughts- Awareness, Balance of Emotions, Latent Energy
  3. Basic Rahini Yoga Postures
  4. Exercise Physiology Behind Rahini Yoga –nerves affected, calming nasal breath, breath of fire releases stagnant or anxiety type energy.
  5. Safety Concerns
  6. Equipment Needs
  7. General program design suggestions –include warm ups, standing poses, balancing poses, inversions, floor poses, and cool down poses.
  8. Part or Whole- a conclusion to a great workout or THE Workout
  9. Breathing – 3 part breath, even, centered, smooth, moving with the breath.
  10. Music
  11. Always use counterposes, always rest in child pose if needed, never force
  12. How to execute and instruct the basic postures

Rahini Yoga Class Example (45 -50 Minutes)

  1. Centering – Eyes Closed; Create Awareness of breath
  2. Warm Ups
    • a) 3 part breath on back or sitting – breath of fire (opt.)
    • b) spinal flexes
    • c) spinal twists
    • d) cat – cow pose
    • e) cobra – downward dog flow
  3. Sun Salutations (3-5 cycles)
  4. Standing Postures
    • a) triangle pose
    • b) warrior I pose
    • c) archer pose
  5. Balancing Poses
    • a) Tree Pose
    • b) Warrior 3 Pose
  6. Seated and Floor Postures
    • a) pigeon pose
    • b) rock n’ rolls
    • c) boat pose (core)
    • d) knees to chest
    • e) single leg lifts
    • f) knees to chest
    • g) shoulderstand
    • h) plow pose
    • i) rest
    • j) bridge pose
    • k) knees to chest
    • l) fish pose
    • m) lying twist
    • n) rock the cradle
    • o) corpse pose (savasana) (5-10 min.)