The San Diego Wellness Source specializes in yoga, fitness training and massage therapy.


Tara Glazerman

Product Manager - NeuroVision

"Since I started training with Christian more than a year and a half ago, I have incorporated more strength training to my workout while adjusting my cardio based on his input. This combination coupled with a healthy eating plan assisted me in reaching my fitness goal.

Christian was able to adapt my personal training to fit my lifestyle needs, including developing a pre-pregnancy core program and then a custom pregnancy training program enabling me to workout until my delivery. This kept me motivated and empowered throughout my pregnancy.

Personal training with Christian has enabled me to understand and correct the deficits within my workout to get the results I wanted. I could not have done that on my own."

Dr. Michele Ross


"Liza is a truly gifted healer. Her dedication and compassionate heart flow through her hands and translate her work into a healing masterpiece. Her passion and compassion allow her to focus her energy on helping and supporting her clients. I have found much peace and release through the experience of her work and I recommend her highly."

Kim Lamere

Sales Coordinator

"I have been lucky enough to have had both personal training and yoga through Christian. What I like about Christian is that he really pays attention. He watches form closely and takes the time to ensure that you are doing all of the exercises properly. He also takes the time to show you exercises and stretches specific to your goals, or lifestyle. While working with Christian I was able to finally lower my bodyfat percentage and increased my strength as well as flexibility (I am a runner and am always very tight, he has shown me some stretches that have helped tremendously with back pain and tightness in my legs). I work out regularly on my own, but I do not have the same quality of workouts on my own as I do with Christian. Not only I am working harder when I work out with him, but we have fun too, so I almost don’t notice the torture (I mean workout)….and with the yoga I am so relaxed after I have actually fallen asleep at the end of class a couple of times.

Not all trainers(teachers) are alike. You can tell that Christian truly cares about his clients and takes an interest in them. No matter what your goals, it is his genuine caring and concern for your wellbeing that make him a great investment and addition to your training plan."

Kelly Kay Mellos

Marketing Manager - Tony Robbins Company

"After making resolutions in 2005, I committed to finding an effective yoga instructor. I sampled nine different yoga studios and teachers, and knew when finding Christian, that he was the teacher I was looking for. His dedication to yoga practice and background in personal training make him impeccable in pose correction, correct breathing and pace. He is firm in instruction, while patient and kind-hearted to students. Christian is a living example of what yoga practice should be - rigorous and good for the body and mind, yet compassionate and nurturing of the spirit and soul."

Jennifer Austin


"I look forward to taking yoga with Christian every week, as invariably I am sorting through a myriad of things in my mind with work, etc. Not only does he have the intuitive sense to target the specific exercises that calm and clean out stuck energy, but he also varies the physical stretches, yoga poses and breathing exercises to give us a complete energy recharge, perfectly appropriate for each given day we’re there.

More importantly, whenever I walk into the room, Christian’s own sense of calm, lightheartedness, and beautiful energy have already infused the space with such a sense of tranquility and uplift, that I look forward to just being present with that space, even if we were to all just sit still and do a few chants. He gives of himself fully, and truly seems to be wiser than his years. Any time with Christian is a present indeed."

Susan Lawson


"When I recommend Liza’s services to friends, and I do often, I always tell them the same thing. Liza heals you. Her healing hands can take away pain, take away stress, and take away the outside world like no one else. I have been a client of Liza’s for ten years and no longer see anyone else for massage therapy—even when I’m on vacation! It’s just not worth it. "

Jackie Payne

Shiatsu Practitioner, Massage Therapist and student of Oriental Medicine

"I have experienced both yoga and personal training with Christian and found that he is a truly gifted teacher and communicator. I have been able to reach beyond my familiar standard of practice to something transformational - this is a combination of Christian's style of yoga and his ability to inspire his students with his wonderful energy!"


Executive Assistant

"I've been working with Christian for a year and have seen amazing results in that time. I have various medical conditions which require specialist care, and Christian has been able to provide me with the right program and the encouragement that I need. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I am impressed by his professionalism and broad knowledge in dealing with a large range of clients of all ages and abilities. Christian is passionate about yoga and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each(session) workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each(yoga) asana. I have energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got fabulous new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Christian will lead you every step of the way.

Thank you Christian, you are the best!"

Lori M Walton

Vice Chairperson of Community Relations & Development at San Diego Humane Society

"Liza is indeed one of the blessings that I most treasure in my life. Because of Liza, my quality of life has improved dramatically. With her help, I am able to rid my mind and body of the stress and toxins that keep me from being in balance and feeling at peace. If I had the time and money to receive a treatment from her every day, I would!"

Carol Buell

Investment manager/volunteer /retired teacher

"I first met Christian at his yoga studio in Hillcrest. Each yoga class was tailored to meet the individual needs of the students, both physically and spiritually. Christian has a rich knowledge of varied yoga practices and is able to give you postures to help with individual issues or problems. He plays wonderful music, and is able to make the smallest space warm and inviting. I have continued taking yoga from him weekly. In fact, I try not to miss a session.

In addition, I decided to start doing fitness training with him. He is extremely knowledgeable in physical fitness, nutrition, and the holistic lifestyle. Christian is willing to meet you at a convenient place - your home, place of business, or gym. He is dependable, professional, and makes lifting weights, doing yoga and exercise fun. I highly recommend him!!"

Annette Suarez

Sales Coordinator

"Christian is amazingly patient when it comes to dealing with different physical requirements. I’ve got really bad knees and a lot of extra weight. He is creative in finding ways to get me moving without stressing my sore joints. I’m moving more, feeling better, and even looking forward to my training sessions with him!"

Mark Stein

Grad Student

"Working with Christian has greatly increased my ability to utilize yogic techniques to focus, concentrate, and alleviate stress. Most importantly, he has motivated me to live a healthier, more balanced, peaceful life."

Bobbi-Jo Romanishan

President of Art to Web

"At first we had no idea what a doula was. Then we met with Liza and instantly decided we could not proceed without her! With Liza’s guidance and support (and continuous massage during labor!) we were able to bring our little boy into this world naturally. Liza, thank you for opening our eyes to the beauty natural childbirth."

Jim Besikof

C.O.O. B&K Electric Wholesale

"I am 65 years old and have been training with Christian Woelk for about a year and a half. Christian and I do weekly sessions and I try to get in two other workouts in during the week. My primary concerns when we started were a loss of flexibility and endurance. However, when we got into the process, I also discovered that my balance had diminished, and with age my posture was starting to round out.

That said, I have made substantial gains in my general fitness and flexibility. I would highly recommend Christian. I find him to be very skilled in the workout process. In addition, his understanding of how the body works under stress has minimized injuries and pain."

Marilou Kratzenstein

Professional Musician and Music Teacher

"A massage with Liza is a richly healing experience. From her initial greeting through each step of the treatment, she radiates loving care for the persons who have entrusted themselves to her. She has the ability to tune in to the person’s needs-- physical, emotional or spiritual—and to adapt her approach accordingly. Having a wide knowledge of massage techniques, various traditions, and healing modalities, she personalizes her treatments as needed. Under her hands, the whole person is cared for, not just the symptoms."